30 Minutes Cardio for Effective Weight Loss

Make sure to get the best results by following some simple guidelines

30 Minutes Cardio for Effective Weight Loss

This thirty minute set of cardio exercises will surely get the best of your body and maintain your health as well. It is useful within a wide range of fitness levels mainly because of the easiness to modify them so they can be more or less challenging for you.

As much of a great cardio routine it is for intermediate exercisers, even the advanced and more experienced exercisers are definitely likely to break a sweat over the course of the half hour workout.

In addition, it makes up for a perfect recovery cardio workout, and that is a simple routine that burns off a tremendous amount of calories without disrupting the resting or healing process after an intense interval training or strength training routine.

Most of the times you won’t even need a single piece of gym equipment to do the workout, but you are always free to add some dumbbells to some of the exercises as to increase the overall difficulty of the workout.

There are 4 groups of 3 different body weight exercises with intervals of 40 seconds on, 10 seconds of rest, twice for each group. The warm up, resting and stretching are both included.

The exercises are:

Group 1

  • High Knee Push
  • Lateral Step Pulls
  • Forward Step Rows

Group 2

  • High Plank Knee + Lift (one for each side)
  • Up Facing Plank + reach (one for each side)
  • Flutterkicks

Group 3

  • Stutter Jacks
  • High Kick + Knee
  • Hops: 1 Forward + 3 Back

Group 4

  • 2 Hooks + 2 Uppercuts + 2 Jacks
  • Lateral Jumps or Hops
  • High Knee Holds

Additional set:

  • Up & Over Steps
  • Walk downs
  • Bow + Twist

Make sure to perform these exercises as often as possible, but search the Internet or ask other fitness experts on more exercises in order to keep yourself entertained.

These exercises can be combined with any sports. It makes for a very good companion with our strength training routines and different types of high-intensity interval training.

Have fun!

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