Lose Weight Being Lazy – 5 Tips For The Couch Potato

Sounds like a dream, right? If only we could all keep trim figures whilst doing the absolutely minimum of physical exercise. What? We can? Yes, that’s right. Although the generally-accepted dieting mantra is founded on the principles of eat less, exercise more, recent studies have shown that you actually don’t have to do much if you want to lose weight. As long as you’re doing the right things at the right times, you can shift those lbs without lifting a finger. Take a look at the list below to find out how you can keep both your waistline¬†and¬†your Netflix subscription.

1. Load up on water

Get the munchies often? A recent study published in the journal of Physiology & Behavior has shown that 60% of the time when we think we’re hungry, we’re actually just thirsty. Strange, huh? By chugging a few glasses of H2O before chowing down, you’re going to feel fuller quicker, meaning you won’t be quenching your thirst with those big ol’ calories.

2. Peer pressure

No, I’m not talking about dangerous adolescent antics. By getting your friends to text, email and otherwise generally heckle you to not exceed your daily recommended intake of calories you’re more likely to stay on track. If good friends are hard to find or you simply don’t get the cellphone signal, leaving a post-it by the side of your bed saying ‘DON’T DO IT’ might just guilt-trip you out of cooking those early morning bacon and eggs.

3. Take your iPod shopping

It might sound strange, but listening to some of your top tunes whilst browsing the aisles might help distract you from slipping those biscuits into your basket. So fire-up your MP3, slap on some beats and let the jam take your mind off the jelly.

4. Keep on snackin’

Studies by the US Department of Agriculture has shown that 60% (this is a popular percentage) of Americans snack at least twice a day. Known to be one of the primary causes of belly fat, snacking is basically bad – at the wrong time. The study also showed that people who snack in the afternoon are likely to eat less food throughout the course of the day. Just watch that clock, folks and you’re golden.

5. Go into hibernation

Although you obviously exert more energy when awake – unless you sleep walk, but that’s a whole different story – getting a good night of sleep hugely promotes weight loss. If you don’t sleep your full 8/9 hours, you’re going to erase all of that hard snacking and peer pressure you got the day before. Get a good night’s sleep and watch the lbs start running for the hills.

It goes without saying that laying off the burgers is going to have a positive impact, too. But apply the methods above and you’ll be on a pretty good road (or couch) to completing your dieting goals.

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