Lose Excess Back Fat In 90 Days With Few Simple Exercises

For many people, back fat is a very big issue, and losing it looks almost like an impossible mission.

Lose Excess Back Fat In 90 Days With Few Simple Exercises


This can be very unpleasant and may have an impact on your self-confidence. These exercises may help you eliminate back fat.

The results will not come immediately, so you need to be patient. Yes, these exercises are effective, but you will have to wait for a while, if you want to completely lose back fat.

Do every round for 1 minute, and then take a break of 45 seconds

Day 1: Reverse Fly (Beginner’s Level – 4 Rounds)

Day 2: Standing Twist (Beginner’s Level – 4 Rounds)

Day 3: Alternating Superman (Beginner’s Level – 4 Rounds)

Day 4: Rest day or Yoga

It is recommended to rest on the fourth day, but you can do some yoga, if you want to eliminate stress and tension.

Day 5: Seal Jumping Jacks (Beginner’s Level – 4 Rounds)

Day 6: Bent-Over Dumbbell Rows with a Twist

Day 7: REST

While performing these exercises, you will also need to eat healthy food, and stay physically active for most of the day.

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