Lose Up to 15kg in Three Months with One Teaspoon of This Spice

One of the best ways to lose some excess weight is to boost your metabolism. This doesn't require changing the diet, but just adding some spice to your life.

Lose Up to 15kg in Three Months with One Teaspoon of This Spice

If you decide to starve yourself in order to lose some weight, you might end up with bad health and still with some excess fat. You just need to make a proper diet, using natural ingredients and just one spice.

Scientists from the University of Medical Sciences in Iran conducted a research on two groups of women. Each group has 44 overweight women. Both groups had to have a healthy diet with less than 500 calories per day.

There was just one difference between two groups is that in the diet of one group was cumin powder. First group consumed 140 ml yogurt mixed with this spice, while the second one ate yogurt, but without the spice.

The first group after the period of three months lost about 14 kilograms, while the second group stayed on about the same weight. The first group lost 14,64% more fat than the second one. They lost just 4,91%.

The reason for that is that cumin powder contains phytosterols, and phytosterols are able to disable the retention of the cholesterol in our organism. Besides that, cumin can accelerate your metabolism. Add this spice to any meal, and see how your weight is going down. Enjoy!

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