4 Kettlebell Exercises for Great Effect

These massive cannon balls help in more ways than one!

Kettlebells are those huge balls with handles. They sure look interesting and intriguing, don’t they? But heavy kettlebells are surely not the thing that you’re interested in.

If you like lifting heavy weights and doing kettlebell swings, snatches and other exercises, then know that there’s a lot you can do with heavy kettlebells, and it’s not complicated at all!

We will talk about five moves that will get you strong and help you witness the benefits of those cannon balls.

Farmer’s carry

The benefits are plentiful: this exercise improves grip strength, your core, traps, forearms, and stamina. This is a simple “pick up and go” exercise, and here’s how to do it:

Stand between a pair of kettlebells as if they were your luggage. Take a deep breath, bend down, pick up the kettlebells and exhale as you do that. Don’t bend your lower back.

Walk either for distance or time, as both 20 meters and half a minute are a great start. Do these carries for about 10 minutes, working on your distance.

Suitcase carry

This is a half of a farmer’s carry, because you’re loading only one of your sides at a time. This exercise is a killer for your core, as they keep you from falling over. At all times, make sure that your torso stays upright.


Rack hold

This is the situation where you hold and receive the kettlebell across your chest. Start with a single kettlebell, as holding two of them is hard as long as you don’t get the hang of the positioning.

Stand with a kettlebell between your feet and the handle up. Bend down as if doing a deadlift and grab it with one hand, covering it with the other hand.

Deadlift it, and while you approach lockout, curl the kettlebell into the rack, holding it for up to a minute. If you’re a beginner, doing this exercise for 10 minutes minimum is more than recommended.


Single-arm floor press

It will strengthen your triceps and lockout, as well as your bench press groove. Lie on your back with the kettlebell next to your hip, roll to a side, grab it by the handle, roll it onto your stomach with two hands, press it up, remove the other hand and lower the kettlebell so that your triceps rest on the floor.

Pause with your upper arm on the floor for 3 seconds and press the kettlebell.


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