Kefir – Miraculous Food from Caucasus

For the yogurt lovers, kefir will be a perfect replacement, and even better! This tangy and creamy drink will make you crave for more and make you feel healthier than ever. And the greatest thing is that you can make it in your kitchen.

Kefir – Miraculous Food from Caucasus

Kefir is a fermented product, made out of milk and very similar to yogurt. All you need for making this healthy beverage are just kefir grains. These grains are not grains at all, but just small, round looking cell structures, in which are bacteria and yeast settled. Kefir is very easy to make, but first thing first – let’s see for what it is good.

Health Benefits of Kefir

This dairy product is just like yogurt full of probiotics and since fermenting processes change the structures of protein in the milk, kefir is very easy to digest. This product has also strong antibacterial properties, and it is very protective against cancer.

Kefir goes generally well with lactose intolerant people, even though it is made out of milk, and when it comes to asthma and allergy, this drink has some amazing effects.

How to Make Kefir

For one cup you will need:

  • One cup milk
  • One teaspoon of kefir grains (The easiest way to find kefir grains is from kefir-market friend, so anyone who regularly makes kefir will have extra grains to spare. You can also find them online or in some stores.)


  • One glass jar
  • Paper towel or napkin
  • Rubber band
  • Strainer (It is best to be plastic, but it is okay if you have a metal one too)
  • Container with lid


First, you need to know not to make contact between the kefir and metal before and after brewing.

First combine milk and kefir grains in the jar. Milk has to be cold or room temperature, and the jar has to be clean.

Cover the jar with a towel or napkin, and put a rubber band on to secure it.

Then you need to store the jar somewhere at the room temperature, but away from direct sunlight. Try checking on it on every few hours, and when milk gets thick and tangy, your kefir is ready. Just to know, it takes about 24 hours for this to happen. So, if it is not ready after 48 hours, strain kefir grains and try with new batch.

Now you need to strain kefir grains. Just put a strainer over the container where you want to keep the kefir and strain the mixture.

When you are done, you can stir the grains into a new batch of milk and repeat whole process again. If you don’t want to make more kefir, you can put grains in milk, cover it tightly and put it in refrigerator.

For one to two cups of kefir, you will need one tablespoon of grains, and the best milk to use it whole-fat cow, sheep or goat milk. Enjoy!

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