Jelena Djokovic – Ultimate Diet

Novak Djokovic's wife discusses her diet

Jelena Djokovic – Ultimate Diet

Jelena, the wife of tennis number 1, Novak Djokovic, advocates for healthy living and proper diet. She, herself follows this lifestyle, and it is not exclusively health wise.

Jelena prepares meals herself, and states it is easy to prepare but also healthy and rich in nutrients.

She shares with you one example of her breakfast the other day: oats, hemp seeds, poppy (root plant), kamu kamu (fruits like cherries), nettle, almond butter, cinnamon, cocoa, banana, strawberry, blueberry and coconut milk.

jelena 1

What you can learn from Novak & Jelena’s diet is that meat does not have to be on our menu every day.

’’The photo may not be so attractive, but believe it is super delicious: carrot and parsnip with orange juice. Pop them into the oven until get a tad darker color. Add tahini, roasted sesame seeds, and nettle above the vegetables and stir it in a pan. It is easy, fast, and very different from usual meals’’ Jelena said.

jelena 2

She also stated he doesn’t consume meat, fish, dairy, or sugar. Her diet is 70% raw, 30% cooked (soups, pasta, quinoa, rice). She doesn’t have gluten problem, yet she avoids it, since gluten is bad for you anyway.

It is hard, we wanted to know? No, if you are well informed and know what you are doing. Those are essentials.

Jelena is very lucky she has a partner who is also committed to staying healthy, vital and strong. She said their diets differ a bit.

Jelena’s motto is: ’’Food you eat is your fuel of the day. Check if you chose the right one!’’

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