Is weight lifting good for weight loss?

If you’re able to lift more, you should lose more fat. Right?

Is weight lifting good for weight loss?

Weight lifting can help you build muscle, there’s no doubt.

But the question here is “can it help lose fat?” The answer is yes, but it depends; if you want to lose a lot of fat, then weight lifting is not what you should be focusing on.

But it can give you a good edge over belly fat. The best solution is to combine weight lifting with cardio, as researchers have found that people tend to lose 40 percent more fat when combining cardio with weight lifting. Why is it the best method? Because people who only do cardio lost both fat and muscle.

Nobody’s saying that cardio is bad, it just does not give you the results that are good enough for you to get in those skinny jeans and feel strong as well. Remember that if you weight train as you follow a good diet, you’ll protect your earned muscles and burn a lot more fat.

Don’t forget the amazing ability weight lifting gives you, shaping your body the way that you want it to be. If you want stronger legs, do squats with more weights; if you want a stronger back, do deadlifts. The possibilities are endless, so feel free to add weight lifting to your workouts.

You can also be sure that weight training will make you handle stress better, because you’ll kill yourself while you workout and leave the gym with a calm head. You’ll live younger and be productive, as lifting weights can raise that second factor, productivity.

The most important fact here is that weight lifting will surely increase your metabolism, which will make your body burn more calories. If you haven’t done it, break free from the wrong fact that cardio is equal to fat loss and weight training equals building muscle and gaining weight. But hey, don’t forget to do your cardio if you wish to stay healthy!

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