Iranian Scientists From the Institute of Medical Sciences Explain Why Cumin Is The Most Powerful Fat Burner

Iranian scientists from the Institute of Medical Sciences – Shahid Sadoughi found that people who eat a daily tablespoon of cumin powder have three times greater possibility to lose weight than people who are on a diet, but do not consume this spice.

The study covered 88 overweight women. All of them during the study have reduced daily calorie intake to 500 by following nutrition diet plan. However, half of the representatives ate three grams of cumin powder every day, mixed with low-fat sugar free yogurt. After three months, the group that consumed cumin powder, lost more weight than the others.

They lost 1.5 kilos more than the group of women who did not consume cumin. In addition, they lost 14 per cent of their whole fat mass. Women who were consuming cumin powder have lost about five kilos, and fat dropped by 4.9 percent.

This spice also have got great impact on leveling of bad cholesterol flee for 10 degrees.

Scientists explain why cumin is so effective: it consist of phytosterols, which absorbs cholesterol and speeds up metabolism.

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