Is It Impossible to “Burn” Fat Cells Off?

So if you are trying to lose fat, it is good to avoid food high in fat

Is It Impossible to “Burn” Fat Cells Off?

Scientists have come earlier this year with a calculation of BMI (body-mass index) and they find out that a high BMI doesn’t always meant you are at health risk. Also, a low BMI doesn’t necessarily mean you are healthier.

All people need some fat since it is a very important component of cell membranes, a place to store vitamins and energy. Of course, a high percent of fat in the body can harm our health. For women than a number is above 30% and for men 25%. Fat stored in upper bodies and around internal organs can cause big problems when it comes to health. It can cause diabetes, cancer and heart disease.

Kirsty Spalding, a molecular biologist who studies fat at the Karolinska Institute in Sweden found in 2008 that all the people have a same number of fat cells throughout the life, no matter of how much weight they gain or lose.

It’s as if we’re programmed, in a way, to have this number of fat cells,” she said. Scientists still aren’t sure why some people have more fat cells than others. (They also don’t know whether or not our bodies replace fat cells after undergoing liposuction.)

Fate cells are not a bad thing. Over half of the brain is made of fat, and fatty acids are very important for our nerve development and function. Fat makes cushioning for internal organs, and some kinds of fats can save us from the cold. It can also store a lot of energy in a small space.

When we gain weight, extra lipids are stored in our fat cells and that makes them grow in size. When we lose weight we lose those extra lipids and cells decrease in size. But that also means that two people with look-alike body shapes could have drastically different numbers of fat cells, and that depends on how many lipids are stored in the cells.
It can be difficult to keep weight off once you lost it. “If you can’t get rid of these cells, you’re just going to have these cells sitting there, constantly saying they want to be bigger,” Spalding said.

“During the day when we eat, most of the simple sugars—or complex sugars, either way—work to refill our glycogen stores…When your liver is all the way full, the rest of what you’re trying to contribute will eventually get turned into fat,” explained Stephen Neabore, a physician at Barnard Medical Center.

But, when we do some activities that require physical moving, our bodies use chemicals from the food we eat. Once it spends all the energy from the carbs, the body moves on fat and lipids, which leads to fat burning and weight loss.

“Fat is one of the basic building blocks of food, and all naturally occurring foods are made of some combination of [fat, carbohydrates, and protein],” Neabore states.

So if you are trying to lose fat, it is good to avoid food high in fat, such beef, and other meats. “You want to let your body burn off the fat it already has, and you don’t want to add more to your stockpile.”

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