How To Stop Serious Bleeding In Just 10 Secs!

Just apply the powder directly to your cut or laceration

How To Stop Serious Bleeding In Just 10 Secs!

If you or an individual in your house has actually ended up with a bleeding wound, it can be pretty simple to deal with or possibly life threatening.

Whether you find yourself wanting to plug a cut or should slow down blood loss while medics get to you, there’s one technique that Native Americans have used for countless years.

They placed Cayenne pepper on their injuries. It’s most likely not in your medicine cupboard, yet I would certainly wager Cayenne remains in your flavor closet right now. Cayenne is a wonderful enhancement to any emergency treatment kit for backpackers, campers, and even simply at home.

It’s easy to use for exterior wounds. Just use the powder straight to your cut or laceration. The bleeding needs to quit quickly after.

If your injury is larger than merely a small scrape or cut, a teaspoon of cayenne powder mixed in a glass of water taken orally can help slow the bleeding. The flavor is a styptic, indicating it quits hemorrhaging when put on a wound and assists the embolism when taken orally.

Dr. Richard Schulze, ND, MH, proclaimed, “If you only master one herb in your life, master cayenne pepper. It’s more powerful than any other.”

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