How to build muscle while losing fat

Build muscles while losing fat you thought it is impossible, think again!

How to build muscle while losing fat

As many people strongly believe that it’s almost impossible to do two things like building muscle and losing fat at the same time, they are so wrong, in many ways and for many reasons. Gaining muscle and losing fat is the holy grail of fitness and becoming fit. While some people say that it’s possible only if you get on an advanced diet and do some serious workouts, they’re all wrong. It’s something even you can do, it’s something anyone can do, but it can be tricky. Even though it requires you to do some things correctly, it won’t require additional fancy things. So, to help you out, here’s why gaining muscle and losing fat is tricky and how to accomplish it.

In order to lose fat, your own body will need to receive less energy and food than it usually burns through an entire day. It’s a calorie deficit, and without it, you won’t be able to lose fat. Now, what does it take to overcome it? First of all, not every person can accomplish gaining muscle and losing fat simultaneously. But hey, if you’re not someone that is training regularly and someone with a maximum potential of muscle growth, you can try it!

Follow a diet plan that will keep you in a slight calorie deficit. That means no rushing and no more than 25 percent of your daily deficit. With eating properly, mainlining a good amount of carbs and protein, you’ll lose up to 1,5 kilograms per week, you won’t be starving, and you’ll stay strong in your gym.

Next up, focus on heavy weightlifting. It should be done 3 times per week, which is an optimal amount.

Do intense interval training, a type of cardio that should be performed if you wish to maximize your muscle growth. Interval training will burn more fat than normal cardio, and it will keep more muscle than normal cardio. A recommended amount is 30 minutes with up to 3 sessions every week.

Finally, get enough sleep, as lacking it will cause muscle loss.

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