How to avoid weight gain

If you’re someone that is afraid of gaining weight, but keeps on eating whatever is located on the table, you simply have to stand strong and know when to say “no”. We have some tips here and are glad to share them with you, as you’ll surely need every piece of advice to push you forward and hopefully reach your goals.

Pick protein – if you have something like chicken on your plate, take it. Don’t go for those greasy chicken wings, take the breasts, as they are packed with protein. Remember that high protein diets are closely associated with greater satiety (the feeling you get when you are full).

Eat before the big dinner – your family is coming over for that huge dinner, and you think it’s best not to eat anything before they come in order to save your appetite. That’s simply wrong. It’s not a good weight maintenance tactic. And definitely don’t skip breakfast!

Chew slow – eating in a slow and calm fashion may not be so easy when your favorite food is on the table. The quicker you eat it, the less time your body has to feel fullness.

Sneak in more vegetables – if your house is full of pumpkins, potatoes, carrots, and other healthy veggies, be sure to find a way to add them to your dishes, as munching on vegetables is a very healthy choice.

Turn off the TV while eating – simply put, the TV is a time waster, and you don’t want your eyes to be glued to it while you’re eating, as you’ll be more likely to eat much more food than you’ve planned.

Use smaller plates – researches have shown that this is a really good method which makes our brains want less food when we can’t fill our plates with loads of it.

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