When I was first diagnosed with cancer, like everyone else, it was first big shock for me and my family.

I just could not understand how to deal with it, and on everyone’s suggestion, including my doctors and family; I took the easy route of opting for chemotherapy. After all, isn’t this the most preferred form of treatment when it comes to first diagnosis of cancer? At least that is what I was told.

I had been diagnosed with stage of I B Seminoma Testicular Cancer. Although had still been diagnosed relatively early, the cancer had spread and there were complications as it had affected the epididymis region and there was the so called “Vascular Invasion”, which meant far greater likelihood of it cancer spreading into other body parts. The treatment and survival rates options made me uncomfortable. I noticed there was a tendency of “One size fits all” type of approach of various doctors.

To complicate matters further, the nurse at the Chemotherapy centre proceeded graphically to tell me about everything possible that may go wrong (loss of appetite, loss of hair, loss of feeling in the fingers, etc.) besides the fact that I was most likely come to the emergency room very often because of the fact that chemotherapy lowers the white blood cell (WBS) count, leaving our immunity low.

What a classic dilemma!

I mean, the side effects appeared to be worse than all the symptoms themselves!

That was the last straw. I immediately decided to try something other than this “traditional” chemotherapy approach. This proved a turning point in my life. Something I am glad happened since today I am completely cured and can look back with pride, the decision I took at that time.


I realized that they are better and simple methods to overcome this as I started my own research.

So what did I do?

What I did was just start off my day with a complete organic diet. For e.g. Every morning I started with a glass of herbal tea and probiotics which would help in clearing and healing my digestive system. After that I took a large quantity of juices made out of organic fruits and vegetables. I also had vegetables. When I say vegetables, it was essentially the green leafy vegetables variety like spinach that gave me a lot of fiber with fewer calories. The main aim of this exercise was to balance out the pH levels of the body.

I also included many herbal items that had medicinal properties. Items like Ginger, onions and garlic formed regular constituents of my food. Turmeric is a good remedy to remove any Inflammations hence I also added turmeric in my diet.

Although I tried to restrict myself from having anything between the meals, there were times I felt the need. In such moments, I restricted myself to healthy snacks like Walnuts, sunflower seeds, almonds etc

One of the most important things that I did want to bring about lifestyle changes to improve my system by incorporating organic and healthy vegetarian diet and also alternate therapies like yoga and manifestation.

I started exercising regularly and going for long walks. Being out in the sun into the lap of nature brought about a lot of changes in me and the Vitamin D and fresh air did a lot of good to my health.

I also started working out at the local gymnasium. Soon my body took corrective action and when my next blood tests were done, the results took everyone by surprise. Soon I was on the path to recovery. My positive attitude and adoption of healthy lifestyle helped me beat the dreaded cancer.

My life has changed forever now and I firmly believe in the power of our own body to take care of itself if we follow a good healthy lifestyle.


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