How Board Pushing Can Aid You Bench Press More Weight

Learn how a stack of two-by-fours may hold the secret to a more powerful chest

How Board Pushing Can Aid You Bench Press More Weight

Rip a web page from the muscle building handbook throughout your following chest day. Get a stack of two-by-fours and place them on your breast as you bench press.

The function: to break through plateaus as well as build toughness at your weakest factors, claims Guys’s Health and wellness Fitness Supervisor BJ Gaddour.

By bringing the bar down to the slabs rather than right to your upper body, you successfully minimize the distance the weight has to take a trip, he claims.

This enables you to raise larger lots since you do not need to press the bar as far.

You could also zero in on sticking points, which are one of the most very difficult sections of the workout, says Gaddour.

If you discover the bar falters at the bottom or center of your press, use one to three boards at a time. For more lockout work at the top of the press, choose 4 to 5 boards.

Gaddour demonstrates the technique in the video over. He makes use of an item called Bench Blokz considering that they affix straight to the weights. If you don’t have accessibility to them, use two-by-fours like the traditional body builders– yet ensure a companion holds the boards in place.

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