Health Remedies for Cardiovascular Disease

Here are the leading 10 house solutions for cardiovascular disease


Heart problem describes various issues that impact the structure and functions of the heart. It is frequently associated to atherosclerosis, or plaque accumulation in arterial walls, that triggers constricting of arteries, thus preventing blood circulation and enhancing the threat for a cardiac arrest or stroke.

Cardiovascular disease may cause coronary artery illness, hereditary heart illness, irregular heart beat (arrhythmia), cardiac arrest, heart valve issues, and others.

The causes and signs differ depending upon the kind of cardiovascular disease. Some typical signs are shortness of breath, chest discomfort, sluggish or racing heartbeat, lightheadedness, tiredness and fainting.

The development of cardiovascular disease endangers heart in other aspects, causing hypertension, high cholesterol, diabetes, weight problems. Bad habits like cigarette smoking, extreme alcohol or caffeine consumption, tension, substance abuse, an inactive way of life, aging and a household history of cardiovascular disease can worsen the heart condition.

When handling cardiovascular disease, it is necessary to consult your medical professional for proper medical diagnosis and treatment. Plus, you can make use of some homemade treatments and modify your habits in order to enhance your heart health.

A few of these treatments, though, might disrupt specific prescription drug or might not be ideal for some cases. Look for the guidance of a health care expert prior to taking these herbs and solutions.

Here are the leading 10 house solutions for cardiovascular disease.

  1. Garlic

Numerous researches have actually discovered garlic to be helpful for conditions like hypertension, high cholesterol and coronary cardiovascular disease. It can slow down the advancement of atherosclerosis or hardening of the arteries. Plus, garlic enhances blood circulation and has antithrombotic and anti-platelet aggregatory impacts.

Consume a couple of freshly crushed garlic cloves daily. If you discover the taste too strong, consume a glass of milk after consuming the garlic.

You can take garlic supplements. The basic suggestion is 600 to 1,200 mg of garlic extract divided into 3 equivalent dosages daily.

Keep in mind: Garlic might disrupt particular medications due to its blood-thinning buildings. Consult your medical professional prior to taking this herb.

  1. Hawthorn

In western herbalism, hawthorn is a widely known herb for heart disease since it is exceptional for the cardiovascular system. It assists enhance blood circulation to the heart and enhances heart contraction, therefore causing a more powerful pumping action.

It likewise assists enhance heart efficiency and output, and lowers the heart’s work. Plus, it has an anti-arrhythmic impact that assists stable the heartbeat.

You can take this herb supplement extract, standardized to consist of about 2 to 3 percent flavonoids. The basic dose is 300 to 600 mg, 3 times a day. Follow this natural treatment for a number of weeks to a couple of months.

Keep in mind: Though this herb is safe to use, consult your medical professional prior to taking this or other natural treatment.

  1. Arjuna

Terminalia arjuna is a vital Ayurvedic herb for heart disease. It is thought about a natural cardio-tonic and heart corrective. The herb reinforces the heart muscle, minimizes arterial blockage and decreases high blood pressure.

A research done by scientists at Kasturba Medical College in India discovered that this herb helped in reducing angina attacks by 30 percent. Long term usage of this herb did not have any negative impacts.

Include half teaspoon of arjuna tree bark powder and a little honey to a glass of warm water. Consume this 3 times daily for a couple of months.

You can take this herb supplement in dosages of 500 mg every 8 hours daily. Continue this natural treatment for 3 months.

  1. Chinese Hibiscus

Scientists from Taiwan discovered that an extract of hibiscus flowers had anti-atherosclerosis activity. They think that hibiscus includes antioxidant substances that assist avoid the oxidation of low-density lipoprotein (LDL), or bad cholesterol, that supports atherosclerosis and heart problem. A drink prepared from this herb is likewise thought to assist control hypertension.

Boil 2 petals of a hibiscus flower in one cup of water.

Add one teaspoon of raw honey.

Consume this daily for a couple of weeks.

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