Here Is Why You Shouldn’t Drink Coffee in The Morning On an Empty Stomach

Coffee can be good for your body in some ways, but if you love your coffee strong and on an empty stomach, then you ought to know that it can harm your stomach.

Here Is Why You Shouldn’t Drink Coffee in The Morning On an Empty Stomach

Most of us are used to drink coffee immediately after we wake up, but this ritual can be very bad for us. Black coffee can lead to the release of hydrochloric acid inside of our digestive tract, and if you have gastritis, you probably know what this is.

The problem with this acid is that acts as a violation of the food that is in your stomach. And if you drink coffee, that can lead to difficulties with digestion of proteins. You can end up with irritation, bloating, inflammation of the bowel, or even in some severe cases – cancer.

Scientists advise not to drink coffee first thing in the morning since this beverage will raise the level of cortisol and our body will have trouble returning to the normal state.

And if you drink a lot of coffee in the morning, the acid in the stomach will be increased, and that can lead to vomiting and bloating.

Coffee is best an hour after waking up, and after breakfast. But, if you cannot wait to have a breakfast, try adding a little bit of milk in your coffee, so your stomach won’t be disturbed.

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