Have you ever heard of petroleum fighting cancer and other diseases?

Pure kerosene (distilled petroleum) cleanses our body very thoroughly?

Have you ever heard of petroleum fighting cancer and other diseases?

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There have been stories lately on people telling how they successfully conquered cancer. Questions about the treatment have risen and the answers made the stories controversial. Allegedly, alternative medicine has a cure for dying cancer patients. You can read true story about successful cancer treatment told by Farudin Djeluli.Or you can read about some applications and dosages of the pure petroleum.

What is it all about?

Pure kerosene (distilled petroleum) cleanses our body very thoroughly. Its usage is proven in wounds cleaning, decontamination and regeneration of tissues.

Distilled kerosene is not poisonous for us. Many cases witness it heals prostate gland, polio, diabetes, anemia, liver problems, intestinal problems, rheumatism and even various types of cancer. Its usage allegedly helped cats and dogs with various tumors.

According to Russian doctor Gennadiy Malakhov, the author of the book “Kerosene against cancer and other diseases” only 100% pure petroleum is safe and harmless for us and its other name is kerosene. As we know, kerosene is also known as airplane fuel, but do not mix those two up, since they are not the same. The kerosene used as an airplane fuel is not pure; it is being mixed with other additives, preventing it from icing. Dr Malakhov claims 4dl of unrefined petroleum is lethal for a human, and the same amount of distilled petroleum would only cause diarrhea and vomiting.

Before purchasing any petroleum, always check the labeling. The content should be written on the label. Pure petroleum does not have any coloring and when poured into a glass, it is water-like.

VAJGURI NATYROR – Naturally refined Albanian petroleum

The stories are being spread about the miraculous naturally refined Albanian petroleum which allegedly cures many forms of cancer. It is found near Kruje in Albania. Although there have been testimonies how people healed with it, its secret is still under the veil of mystery. Those acquainted with the situation in the field say the price goes up to 100 euros per liter.

On the other hand, 100% pure industrial petroleum can be found in pharmacies across Slovenia, Hungary, Serbia, and Austria with prices around 30 euros per liter.

Source: atma.hr
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