A Handful of Nuts Per Day Will Extend Your Life for Two Years

If you are always in the hurry, complaining that your day is not long enough, then you should extend your life, for two whole years!

A Handful of Nuts Per Day Will Extend Your Life for Two Years

You will do this with a handful of nuts that you should eat every day, or, at least, five times a week. This includes walnuts, pistachios, peanuts and all other nuts.

One handful, about 30g of it per day, is more than enough to extend your life. You will also decrease the risk of cancer, heart and respiratory problems, according to scientists from Harvard.

Women who have an increased risk of heart disease can cut in half this risk with one teaspoon of peanut butter a day.

Will I Gain Weight with This Regimen?

There are more than 20 clinical studies on this subject and all of them say the same – no! You will not gain weight from nuts.

One study made participants eat 120 pistachios per day for three months and they all didn’t gain any weight. So, eat and enjoy!

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