Gym machines for weight loss

Not only will they maximize your time spent exercising, they will help you lose weight as well!

Gym machines for weight loss

When it comes to burning the highest possible number of calories in a gym, which exercise machine will give you the best possible results? As there are many workouts that can leave you breathless and kick your butt while burning fat like crazy, which workout would you prefer to do? If you’re someone that wants to maximize the fat burning effect of your own workout, you might want to do a makeover of your cardio routine. Remember this:

every cardio machine (or exercise) will have the biggest effect if you use high intensity intervals, which directly means maximal possible fat loss.

These are some of the most common machines that can be used as a weapon to conquer that belly fat:

Ergonomic rower – as the entire body works at once during your time on that machine (your heart pumps more blood to your legs and back, which are the largest muscle groups worked here), the amount of energy you’ll use up is very high. Don’t forget to use a proper form while rowing, because it can be hard for beginners. Also, most people can’t row at a constant pace for more than 20 minutes, so use intervals to help you start.

Treadmill – running on a treadmill is straight-forward and easy, right? So, to get the most out of this machine, never run flat and always use intervals, because you’ll have to keep the difficulty level up. Running on a treadmill isn’t the same as running outside. Also, intervals will help lose fat.

Stationary bikes – depending on the intensity of your cycling, you can burn up to a 1000 calories per hour. Using it correctly to achieve something like that is crucial. Make sure to choose a resistance that is high enough to make you breathe harder and ride fast at the same time.

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