Four fat-killing cardio exercises

Kick it up a notch and start working your way to a slim body!

Four fat-killing cardio exercises

When someone mentions cardio, you may think its evil, but take one step back and don’t judge it for just a moment, and give cardio a chance. When teamed-up with weight training, a great cardio plan will get you to a world of fat loss and help you get the figure of your dreams in no time.

The tricky thing is to figure out which movements will get you to your desired look and weight faster. Note that there’s no more light walking on that treadmill. There are four of them that will do wonders for your everyday cardio routine. They are all great and unique, as they’ll give you the results you’re looking for in no time.

The Stairmaster

One of the most entertaining exercises for a lot of reasons; most importantly, it’s specifically good for your thighs and it will surely make you sweat.

The Stairmaster is also great for losing fat and toning down your body a bit. In fact, if you get really aggressive with that exercise, you will almost feel that fat melting off of you. So, following logic, the key is intensity. Turn the intensity up a bit, and get to work.


They are the complete opposite of your standard “get bored fast” cardio workout. Plyometric are really challenging, as they get your heart pumping in no time.

Plyometric are also easy to adapt to. Jumping jacks are the easiest and the simplest exercise out there, so dive into one of Jen Selter’s favourite plyometric exercises: the Jumping Jack Attack.

It’s feels and looks like tabata, because you do as many jumping jacks as you can within 20 seconds, then rest for 20 more seconds. This is where it gets tricky: after the first time, do them for 30 seconds, then move on to 40 seconds, and repeat this entire cycle three times for an amazing cardio workout!


When it comes to running, it’s simple; set up a cool play list, get a bottle of water, put on appropriate clothes and get to work!

Jump rope

When it comes to jump rope, you should do about 100 jumps or jump for 30 to 60 seconds between exercises (you choose). An increased heart rate caused by this exercise speeds up fat loss and gives you a great workout.