4 Beginner Strength Training Exercises

If you’re new to the world of strength training, here’s a great way to get started!

Lifting weights can be an interesting concept when you are a beginner, but there are some strength training exercises even for you that can introduce you to this set of workouts with ease. It’s recommended that strength training should be included at least twice per week, while still doing cardio workouts. Strength training can help achieve a better looking body than cardio and can help build muscle to support a good metabolism.

For each exercise mentioned below, do three sets of 10-12 times to get started.

Bicep curls


Bicep curls help build strength in your arms as well as the core as you balance yourself during them. Hold a light barbell in each hand, palms facing upwards and arms resting lightly on the upper thighs. Lift the weights up towards your collar bone in front of you slowly until the elbows get bent fully and the weight is at shoulder level. Remember to lower the weights at the same speed as you raised them, but do it slowly.

Standing upright row


Upright rows are really good for your upper back as well as shoulders. Note that you should start this exercise (as well as all others) without any weights. When ready, lightly take the light weights in both of your hands, with palms facing your body and weights lightly resting on the thighs. If you’re a beginner, focus on the form, as you can always increase your weight as needed, which is not the key thing right now. Lift your elbows until they are parallel to your shoulders, moving the weights up until they intersect with your upper chest. Keep your shoulders relaxed. Go slowly back down until they are again at the upper thigh.



This specific exercise does magic for your entire core including abdominal and back muscles. Sit on a floor mat with your knees bent and the floor in front of you. Lean back gently, balancing on your bottom while you lift your legs off the floor. Keep your knees bent and straighten them over time. Don’t forget to keep your shoulders relaxed and your back straight. If you find it very difficult, hold the back of your thighs using your finger tips. Try to hold it for 10 seconds at the beginning, working your way up to one minute.



Lunges are good for your hamstrings, quadriceps, and your core for balance. Extend your left leg in front of you with your right leg behind you. It’s best to stand next to a wall as you get used to it. Bend your left knee to a 90 degree angle and lower your right so the knee touches the floor. The front knee should be over the ankle. Do 15 reps, after it, switch legs.

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