Foot Spray with Essential Oil Will Provide You 8 Hours of Good Night’s Sleep

One of the most important things in our lives it to have a good night's sleep every night. That can be hard to achieve, especially is your life is full of stress. You can make a simple foot spray to change your sleeping habits.

Foot Spray with Essential Oil Will Provide You 8 Hours of Good Night’s Sleep

Essential oils are very healthy and useful, especially when it comes to relaxing. For this spray, you will need only three ingredients, Lavender, Magnesium, and Chamomile.


This herb is really relaxing and calming, and even if you smell it from time to time, this oil will react shooting and relaxing on your body. Don’t use this oil on your kids, since it is a bit strong.


Magnesium will help with anxiety, sleeplessness, cramps and digestion. It can be entered in our body by the skin, especially feet area. You can buy this oil or make it at home.


Yet another herb in this mix but this one is most often used for tea making. Besides that, chamomile can be used as essential oil, and it helps in relaxing.

Why Foot Spray?

Bath and showers can be relaxing and used as a detox treatment, even just soaking your feet in a warm water can be relaxing. But, when it comes to relaxing and absorbing, the best way is to use foot spray. Since we have biggest and a lot of pores on our feet, the best way to intake oils is through them.

You will need:


Just pour all the ingredients into a 4 ounces or larger glass spray bottle. Shake the bottle so the oils can mix. You will have about 24-48 applications.

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