Food for your backpack

If you’re away from home, make sure you don’t skip your meal!

Food for your backpack

What you eat affects how your body looks and appears, how you feel, perform in your sport and how well you do in school. Long story short, everything you do on a daily basis can and will be affected by what food you use to fuel yourself. Most teenagers are aware that if they eat something like pizza, fries and chicken fingers, they load up on saturated fat and mostly useless calories. And scientists examined the thing that nutritionists have known for years; if you put junk in your mouth, you won’t perform well. Eating regularly actually helps you stay away from that greasy food and manage a healthy weight! So be sure to eat breakfast before going to school. What types of foods help keep your brain functioning well? Those that contain carbohydrates. If you don’t eat or drink enough of them, your athletic performance will simply suffer.Healthy fats are also important; fish like salmon, herring, and tuna are great sources of them. Don’t forget protein-rich foods, colorful fruits and vegetables.

When it comes to bringing your lunch to school, you can bring refrigerated or not refrigerated food. Keep in mind these tips:

Prepare your lunches the night before school.

Keep a small number of plastic storage containers, thermoses and zipper sandwich bags near you as you need to have a lot of storage options. Don’t forget plastic silverware (forks, spoons and knives).

Go grocery shopping with your parents so you can help them buy the healthy food that you like to eat.

As much as you like eating those pizza slices and munching on those chips, don’t forget that being a good looking person demands sacrifices. And one of them is that unhealthy food. Remember that even the best weight lifters have to keep away from them to get the best possible results!