Here You’ll find Out Why Flipping Tires Isn’t a Beginner’s Exercise.

Flipping tires may seem like a tough exercise and even though they demand from you a hundred percent of your strength to master, your reward will be a whole new level of power! Flipping tires is an activity that is much more valuable in terms of time spent practicing them, but even more worth your respect. First of all, that exercise is something you have to earn. Why? Because you need to strengthen every area of your body. With that said, here are some of the classical exercises that you have to master:

  • Deadlifts (conventional or sumo)
  • Clean and press (with barbells or kettlebells)
  • Pull-ups

Now don’t think that this list above means that you have to dead-lift the tire to flip it. Neither one of these approaches will get you enough power to flip that tire. You have to drive through it.

Before you get into preparation for this exercise, be aware of the dangers of lifting tires, as your back and arms are highly exposed to injuries, so relax your biceps and keep your back tight.

By the way, if you lift a light tire a lot of times, that won’t help you much, because you need to work only on that big tire. So, make sure you’re warmed up before doing anything. Aim for a maximum of 10 reps on that harder tire, and feel free to break those reps in a couple of sets.

This exercise is best used early in your workout, after a good warm up session, because you don’t want to flip tires after doing squats or something like that.

And for those that ask when not to do tire flips, the answer is simple: when you’re doubting in your strength or you’re simply afraid. Remember that this exercise is not made for beginners.

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