Find out your body type

Learn about the three types of human body.

Before you rush into the whole weight losing process, it’s always good to know every single detail about your own body, its appearance, and its type. Here, we will be telling you and showing you how to determine your body’s shape/type.

As you may or may not know, nobody’s body is created to be equal. Everyone’s different when it comes to any factor: age, sex, weight, height, and even body type. There are three basic body types one human can have: ectomorph, endomorph, and mesomorph.

Ectomorph – body type is easy to spot, as they are most often found to be skinny (below their average weight, considering the age and their height). They are often able to eat a lot, have a very high metabolism, but struggle when it comes to gaining body weight. Their characteristics include: being hyperactive, getting full with ease, having small chests, difficuties to build muscle, a low amount of body fat, and having a pencil frame. The best advice for ectomorphs is to not do cardio (unless it’s intense interval training), do compound lifts, and take longer resting periods.



Endomorph – type is the complete opposite of the ectomorph type, as they appear to have larger proportions, they struggle when it comes to losing weight, and they have little muscle definition. Their characteristics also include: becoming fatigue easily and eating without feeling full. When it comes to training, it’s advised to do as much cardio as possible (as opposed to the ectomorphs), and take shorter periods of resting.


Mesomorph – is a perfect combination of these two mentioned above, as they often display the best qualities, like having a symmetrical build, a small waist. They are also able to put on muscle and lose weight without a struggle, and eat moderately.


Remember that you are most likely to be a combination of those three body types rather than a pure breed.

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