Find it hard to lose weight?

Reasons why you don’t have the body you want

Healthy looking skin, hair, and most importantly, lean and good looking muscles. Those are the things you might not have. And yes, we want it all, but no human alive has a perfect body. Transformation can take some time, but you’ll also need that bit of commitment and hard work to get your desired results. Also, there are other things that come to matter like good nutrition, health, exercising, and timing. So, here are some reasons to tell you why you don’t have that perfect body and where you’re making those mistakes:


You don’t value food – simple as that. Eating good food is one thing, but valuing food and its importance is something different. Nutrients from the things we eat are constantly used by our cells to build healthy looking ones, and get you closer to your desired body as well.

You consume too many calories – a person’s need for calories can vary from one man to another. There are some things that can help when it comes to taking care of consuming too many calories, like writing food journals, or calorie counter apps.

You’re doing the wrong exercise – whichever part of your body you want to target, you get to the point where you don’t know which exercise to do. Do your research before taking matters into your own hands.

You’re impatient – when it comes to this, you can’t just expect your body to become fit within a week. Rome was not built in one day, and neither were you. Transformation will take time, mostly several months, so don’t stress yourself if you don’t see the results after a short time.

You’re not ready – or you don’t want it bad enough. Same thing. As soon as you set that goal as your priority, things will get better and you’ll feel that motivation push you harder.

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