Feet Tell Us More About Ourselves Than We Ever Knew

Discover what you feet say about you

Feet Tell Us More About Ourselves Than We Ever Knew

Ever since the ancient times, China and India practiced foot reading. It is people’s belief the feet are a mirror of our body and soul. Feet can reflect our health, both physical and psychical.

A reflexologist, Jane Sheehan claims that feet tell so much about people, from their digestive system function to the state of their relationship. Just by looking at someone’s feet, much can be understood.

In her guide, she explains what does the shape of your toes and feet tell about you.

Big toe

Big toe people are creative and smart. They always find a solution to their problems. Small toe people, on the other hand, are efficient and charismatic.

Second toe

These people are born leaders. They are dynamic and creative, but can be bossy. However, people with smaller second toe are not a pushover, but it means they desire harmony.

Third toe

If this toe is relatively long, it means those people are energetic and can achieve much. They are also workaholics, who sometimes can forget how to have fun with their family and friends. Short third toe people appreciate enjoying life.

Fourth toe

Family means everything to them. They are also great listeners.

Little toe

They can often act as children. They avoid responsibilities and are can be bored easily. Witty and easy-going people.

The shape of your feet is also important.

Wide feet

These people are hard workers and always to go. Being busy is what makes them happy.

Long narrow feet

They can be spoiled and avoid hard work, but also appreciate beauty in their life.


People with high arches are independent and spend a lot of time on their own.  Low arches people enjoy company of others and love having a good time with friends.

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