Fat loss cardio workout

A simple cardio weight loss workout

Fat loss cardio workout

As the summer and the holidays approach us all, and even during those times, everyone has a need to pick up the pace in order to accelerate the fat burning process and get to that desired weight as fast as possible. So, what is the best cardio workout that will get rid of your fat within a short time period?

Before going in with this one, make sure to change some things like your diet, and prepare to increase the cardio. In the old days, your regular cardio was good enough (and was recommended) for weight loss, as it burned the calories from your fat. Nowadays, it has been disproved, as another form of cardio came in that can get you to your results much faster. It’s high intensity interval training, and its concept is rather simple. You switch from a low intensity, where you still do the exercise, but very slow, to high intensity intervals, where you give a 100%, even if your sweat is unstoppable. And remember that performing HIIT will help you burn a lot more calories after your workout, while you’re resting.

Before beginning with your workout, make sure to warm up for up to 5 minutes, as you don’t want to get injured.

If you’re a beginner, start with something like a treadmill. Go for 30 seconds at a medium pace, and after resting for 30 seconds, give it all you got for another 30 seconds. After you’ve finished it, simply repeat it. For your first time, complete up to 8 intervals, and trust me, it will be more difficult than it sounds. After the rather short workout, do stretching for 5 minutes just to cool down. If you don’t want to do your HIIT on an exercise machine, feel free to run, swim, jump, or try any other cardio exercise with the intervals above.

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