Fat burning workout

If you haven’t known by now, there’s more to your ordinary fat loss workout than an average 20 minute jog, or those long, boring runs on a treadmill, where you’re not actually moving.

As there is no huge secret to staying thin and good looking, if you wish to keep your body fat as low as possible, and show off your hard earned muscles as well, you’ll have to do some cardio exercises that keeps you healthy.

Even though some might not be in love with cardio (it does sound boring to run around your street blocks or your local forest for the same distance and time), it is very essential.

In order to keep yourself entertained, doing something like mixing together activities like sprinting, jumping, and high-rep exercises will help you stay for a shorter amount of time on that treadmill, get your heart rate up, and your body fat down.

Here’s a sample workout (feel free to mix things up according to your own preferences). If you’re a starter (beginner), you should do it once per week as long as you’re not conditioned enough.

When you do become more conditioned, increase that number to 3 times per week. Remember that the trick here is to rest as little as you can, so have a break that’s long enough to stabilize your heart rate, and then go on to the next exercise.

The workout:

Running – 800 meters

Rope jumping – 6 sets, do for 1 minute

Box jump – 6 sets of 20 reps

Rope jumping – 6 sets, 1 minute

Step ups – 6 sets of 30 reps (15 for each leg)

Sprint – 6 sets, 1 minute

Crunches – 6 sets, 1 minute

Stationary bike – 6 minutes

Band good morning – 6 sets, 20 reps

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