Falling in Love Might Help You Lose Weight

The hormone of love Oxytocin makes miracles with your weight status

Falling in Love Might Help You Lose Weight

If you’re not into working out and forcing yourself to go on a rigorous diet, scientists have found a method for you! It involves falling in love as a unique way to stimulate weight loss. How?
It all occurs through a massive release of Oxycontin (a feel good hormone that stimulates many parts of the body) that is release when you’re hugging, touching, or even talking to someone you might like. The research was conducted at Harvard Medical School in the form of a study that focused on Oxycontin and why and how it affects dangerously overweight people.
There were 25 people involved in that research, and each one of them was given an unmarked bottle of nasal spray, where one half of it was filled with the hormone, and the other one was nothing but a placebo (meaning that they didn’t know what was in their bottles). The focus was on the intake of calories, as to see how the test subjects would react to it (and by the way, they were all male). After eight weeks, researches switched the bottles for both halves, giving them the opposite of what they started with.

The results showed that the activity of the love hormone is everything you’ll need to start turning down desserts (and they were offered cheesecake; how can they deny cheesecakes?). When participants were given the Oxycontin dose, they ate significantly fewer calories and fat, which led to them having boosted metabolisms and a better sensitivity to insulin as well. Even though the study didn’t include a lot of people in it, and that it also included only younger men, the study showed that you can passively regulate your appetite without suffering any side effects.
So make sure to give your crush or bae a hug every once in a while, as you will be glad that you did!

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