Eliminate Cysts and Fibroids with Only Two Ingredients

If you ever had to deal with cyst and fibroids, then you know how it can be tiresome and hard for healing. With a mix of just two ingredients, you can make a remedy that will solve many health problems.

Eliminate Cysts and Fibroids with Only Two Ingredients

Just a mix of two ingredients can make cyst and fibroids disappear, and both ingredients are very easy to find.

First one is houseleek, firstly found by ancient people. Greeks and Romans used this plant to prevent them from pests, insects and caterpillars. This is a very durable plant and it can survive any weather condition, and its name means “always living”.

Honey is another ingredient, and we all know its healing properties. Here is what you have to do to get a simple remedy against cyst and fibroids.



Slice the leaves of houseleek, put them in a jar, and add honey. Leave this mixture for 2 or 3 days until the leaves are really soaked.

During the winter, our immunity can go down, and this remedy will stimulate metabolism and cleanse your body, so you will feel purified and healthy.

It is believed that this remedy also cures heart disease, and besides that it can do miracles when it comes to treating of uterine and ovarian cysts.

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