The Most Effective Trainings For Strength

To have further progress and positive results in increasing your strength and your muscles, you need to change your training program

The Most Effective Trainings For Strength

It’s great when you exercise at a fitness program and you have a great progress, but the problem occurs when appears an “Plateau effect”, that’s the moment when you feel stagnation.

To have further progress and positive results in increasing your strength and your muscles, you need to change your training program.

Here are the most effective types of training to improve your strength:

Training to failure.
This type of training has its positive and negative sides. When you train to failure, and you do your best to the last repetition– The positive side is that you active more muscles and you generate the body to produce more hormones for building strength.

The negative side is that it increases the possibility of overtraining and injuries, so it is recommended to use this technigue only occasionally and for short interval training.

Super sets.
Super sets is an advanced training method in which you could do two exercises, one after the other with no rest between them.

Exercises can be for the same muscle group or for two different muscle groups, depending on your intention.

They can even be completely different activities (eg, exercise for strength followed by cardio exercise. The idea is to make a complete exercise and instead of resting, to do another set.

Circular training.
The exercises in this method are performed in a circular form. With this way of exercising, you can avoid the monotony of the training.

The essence of this method is setting a exercise stations, where each station is about 30 to 45 seconds or limited number of repetitions. The rest between exercises is just the time to go to the next station. One circle should contain 6, 8, 10 or 12 stations.

The order of the stations should be such as to ensure a gradual increase of the effort or intensity. The intention of this training method is to increase the strength and the endurance of the whole organism.

Tabata intervals.
Tabata interval training is one of the most effective types of interval training with high intensity, and lasts four minutes.

Pyramid training.
This kind of “pyramid training” is great for improving your muscular endurance and strength. This highly effective training technique utilizes an upward, then downward sequence in weight, reps or sets to help you maximize your weightlifting goals.

10 seconds training (super slow training).
10 seconds training sometimes is called super slow training, and its great for eliminating any momentum (force of acceleration) and keeps the muscles under constant tension during the execution of the movement.

Isometric training.
Isometric exercises involve contraction of the muscles in a certain corner. This type of training will not be useful to improve the overall strength, speed or endurance.

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