Don’t be alone, find your right buddy to lose weight

Do you have the right technology to stay vital and healthy

Don’t be alone, find your right buddy to lose weight

The health clubs all over the United States doubled their revenue within the last fifteen years by bringing in over 22 billion dollars in 2013, making the fitness industry as strong as ever. Just the sales of fitness trackers (those devices which you can wear that measure many things; including your distance covered, blood oxygen levels, heart rate, and so on) will triple by the year of 2020. And when it comes to smartphones, health and fitness apps had the fastest growing downloads on Google Play Store in 2014. Even though these results are incredibly positive, obesity is still troubling every nation in the world. Every third person is either overweight or obese, and the obesity rates haven’t been lowered for over 35 years.

And our body weights aren’t growing because people aren’t exercising hard enough – there’s no need for a new personal trainer, or a brand new extreme workout video. Exercising does not make you lose weight, no matter how often you visit your gyms.

There’s a false idea that the sedentary lifestyle is the one to blame for not helping people lose their body weight. It is true to some point that having a physically active lifestyle can help you fight so many diseases (like high blood pressure and some forms of cancer), but the truth is that losing body weight is not something that can be improved by being physically active.

A study from 2011, published in the New England Journal of Medicine, showed that people who simply dieted had much better results in terms of weight loss than those who relied on just exercise. The conclusion was simple – active lifestyles can’t protect us against obesity if our diets change in order to promote consumption of more calories. Also, many tests have indicated that restricting calories plus exercising can achieve almost the same result in weight loss compared to restricting calories alone.

Working out will make you much healthier and less prone to all sorts of diseases that follow obesity. No matter how big or heavy you are, even thirty minutes of intense physical activity will significantly improve your health. But if you’re aiming for weight loss, your diet is the only thing you should change.

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