Doctors Find Early Cardiac Arrest Symptoms

These symptoms can warn us about sudden cardiac arrest

Doctors Find Early Cardiac Arrest Symptoms

Sudden cardiac arrest may not be so sudden, as we knew until now. This sudden heart malfunction can be deadly at high rate. Dr. Sumeet Chugh, associate director of the Heart Institute and director of the Heart Rhythm Center at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles forewarned that most people who have a sudden cardiac arrest will not make it out alive.

The doctors concluded that there are some symptoms which are associated with sudden cardiac arrest.  These symptoms can be: chest pain and pressure, shortness of breath, heart palpitations, and flu-like sensations (such as nausea, back pain and/or abdominal pain).

The problem lies in the fact that none of these symptoms are treated as a potential cardiac arrest. In fact, they are always thought as something else, for example, flu.

The doctors also began thinking about cardiac arrest in the different way. Their opinion is, if the symptoms were examined on time, the sudden cardiac arrest may be avoided and the number of all heart-related deaths that are the result of sudden cardiac arrest can be reduced in half.

The study confirmed that 9 in 10 of those who had symptoms months prior to cardiac arrest had them again 24 hours before the attack.

The main conclusion is these symptoms should not be dismissed as insignificant, furthermore they must be thoroughly examined and cardiac arrest could be avoided completely, “particularly if you have risk factors for heart disease, such as a family history of heart problems or high blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes or a known heart condition” Dr. John Day, president of the Heart Rhythm Society and director of Heart Rhythm Services at Intermountain Medical Center Heart Institute in Murray, Utah said.

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