Doctors Could Not Believe It: By Eating Fruits And Vegetables, This Woman Is Cured From Terminal Stage of Cancer

Medical Records Confirmed and Doctors Could Not Believe It


Candice Marie Fox was is a state of shock when doctor told her she had only 5 years of life because her thyroid glance was affected with cancer.

Now 31 years old, she refused chemotherapy and began her treatment with fruits and vegetables. She ate 3 pineapples a day. Also, she ate grapefruit, lemon, papaya, apples, kiwi and bananas. In other words, she didn’t eat any animal origin groceries.

Within 6 months of this treatment, cancer almost disappeared, and the doctors were astonished, claiming the woman was cured completely.

I am cured from cancer due to my diet. I didn’t ’feed the cancer; I took care of what I ate. I found out that bromelain, a pineapple, kiwi, and papaya ingredient destroys the carcinoma protein layer. When proteins of animal origin are eaten, the body cannot fight the disease because all the energy is used for digesting the food. Animal origin proteins feed the cancer cells’ that’s why it should be avoided.

Candice Marie Fox found a limp above her left clavicle, and the tests had proven thyroid cancer. Despite the therapy, the cancer spread to her liver and neck and precancerous cells were found in her lungs. The doctors forecasted her 5 years of life. They also suggested 6 months of chemotherapy, but she refused it.  Her best friend Jamie (31) died of cancer and had been treated with chemo previously. Her niece Frankie (13) also diet because of chemo. Candice believed they lost their battles due to chemo which weakened their organisms.

Candice Marie Fox remembers the time the doctors told her about her prognosis.

I had 5 years to get rid of this disease, or 6 months, as I believed. I decided to prove them I can fight this on my own. I started eating fruits; sometimes I had only fruit for weeks.

She began her research – curing the carcinoma with fruits and vegetables. She had pineapple due to bromelain, which, she believes, eats up cancer cells, and her diet no longer included heavy meals. Then she stopped using cosmetics based on chemical ingredients, she quit smoking and tried to decrease stress level in her life.

Stress, chemicals and animal origin groceries, they all ’feed cancer cells’, so I got rid of them.

After 6 months, she went to the doctors for a checkup and they confirmed she was cured from it.

Oncologist Marc Simon, the director of the Nutritional Oncology Research Institute says:

Nutrition plays an important role, together with physical activity, positive attitude towards life and even spirituality. Fruits, like pineapple contain bromelain which is proven to fight the carcinoma.

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