Defeating Cancer 4 Spoonful A Day

A Russian scientist claims to have cured thousands of people with this simple recipe. We recommend you try it yourself!

Defeating Cancer 4 Spoonful A Day

Professor Hristo Mermerski has been researching the medicinal applications of nutrition for a long time. His new recipe has been heralded by many as a revolutionary cure for cancer, which has helped thousands of people.

“This food is used to treat the organism as a whole and make it stronger, and in such conditions the cancer retreats by itself”, the professor said in one of his lectures.

The secret of this food lies in its power to clean and revitalize blood vessels, treat the heart, restore the immune system and cleans out the liver and kidneys. It can also help with improving brain function and memory, protects from a heart attack, and cures those who have suffered a heart attack or stroke.  It has been called the best tool for fighting cancer to date.


  • 15 fresh organic lemons
  • 12 fresh heads of garlic
  • 1 kg of homemade honey
  • 400g of young green wheat sprouts
  • 400g of fresh walnuts

Preparing the wheat sprouts: Place 400g of wheat into a sterilized glass bowl. Pour water over it and let it soak the whole night. After 10-12 hours sift the wheat through a sterile gaze, and wash the grains thoroughly, then sift again.

Leave the wheat in a bowl to sit for 24 hours. It will grow sprouts the length of 1-2 millimeters.

Preparing the remedy: Mince the wheat sprouts, walnuts and cleaned heads of garlic. Separately mince 5 lemons with their skins, then add to the first mixture. Squeeze the juice out of the other 10 lemons and mix in until homogenous.

Add the honey and stir slowly with a wooden spoon for a long time, then pour into a glass container. Leave it to rest for 3 days in the refrigerator, after which it is ready for consumption.

Dosing and application: Eat 4 times a day, before breakfast, lunch, dinner and before bedtime. If you are using it to treat cancer, take two spoonfuls every 2 hours.

The professor says that the mixture, when taken and prepared correctly, guarantees health and a long vital life, as well as curing cancer, preserving the longevity of the body, energy and youth.

“This food contains all the necessary vitamins, mineral salts, bioactive substances, proteins, carbohydrates and plant fats. That is the reason it improves the overall functioning of the organism, and all the individual parts of it, keeps the body healthy, and also leads to the total removal of cancer”, the doctor points out.

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