Danger From The Sky

There is a huge ongoing debate whether chemtrails are real or not. It is a question of conspiracy theory.

Danger From The Sky

If you belong to chemtrails believers or to the opposite side, you certainly may find this article interesting since it unveils the arguments of the group who believe in chemtrails.

Basically, there is a belief airplanes are leaving toxic marks on the sky which are endangering our health.  Many mysteries are wrapped around this toxic waste, since it was not known what chemicals it consists.

Today, this information is revealed. The basis of chemtrails is coal ash from power plants. Scientific research indentified 30% aluminum oxide. Fluoride is a poison and toxic waste, which we use to brush our teeth and also, we inhaled the coal ash that was deliberately sprayed as part of meteorological geo-engineering.

Chemtrails are chemical traces in the sky that are visible after a plane flight. These trails stay longer than the usual trails from the planes and are more visible. They are consisted of nerve poisons, heavy metals, aluminum, barium, strontium and manganese, micro-organisms such as bacteria and fungi, dehydrated human red and white blood cells, pesticides and radioactive substances.

USA chemtrail believers claim we are being poisoned for years now. Allegedly, these processes have the purpose to change climate, stimulate the growth or destroy yields, maintain the cloudless sky when needed, and so on. Some people even claim these toxic compounds interfere with human neurons. The increase of respiratory diseases and allergies is being connected with chemtrails.

Chemtrails cause chronic fatigue, short-term memory loss and concentration, depression, poor immunity, cough, chest pain, inflammation of the bronchial tubes, bleeding from the nose, burning eyes, eyelids flutter, neck stiffness, irregular heartbeat, problems with blood vessels and pressure, infections, irritation of the urinary and respiratory tract, allergies, asthma and cancer.

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