Curing Terminal Cancer with A Use of Cannabis and Coconut Oil

Thousands of people in the world who are diagnosed with cancer are in doubt what should they do when they are diagnosed in the late stage. Modern medicine often doesn't share the opinion that every cancer is curable, but there are other ways that can help. Cannabis oil is one of them.

Curing Terminal Cancer with A Use of Cannabis and Coconut Oil

There are many states in the USA in which medical marijuana is legalized, but this story is actually located in Australia, where a middle-aged woman found a way to use cannabis to cure her illness. Her daughter advised her to use cannabis as soon as she got diagnosed with terminal cancer.

Sharon Kelly’s Case

When Sharon Kelly felt sharp pains on the left side, near the ribs, she never thought that it would be cancer. But, even after a few days, the pain would not stop, she suspected it was something serious, and she was right. Just a couple of days after that, Kelly was diagnosed with a terminal case of lung cancer, and she was left with only 6 months to live.

When the doctors informed her that chemo will not help with stage four lung cancer, she was devastated. In the end, her medical team chose to begin with a chemo, but because of the presence of the mutation, Sharon couldn’t undergo traditional treatments, and they gave her chemo tablets known as Tarceva.

Sadly, doctors told her not to expect too much from this treatment, and Kelly almost gave up.

Help from The Internet

Sharon’s youngest found many testimonials from ex-cancer patients who found the cure in cannabis oil, so she advised her mother to try it. Kelly, having nothing to lose, decided to try it, and began taking small amounts of dose orally several times per day.

Sharon didn’t discourage when she found out that she wouldn’t be able to take so much oil a day through her mouth since the effects of marijuana’s THC were stronger than she thought. The solution she found was more than helpful to her. Kelly mixed 0.5 grams of marijuana and 0.5 grams of coconut oil and add it to a syringe. She inserted that content through the rectum, and she did that treatment two times per day.

In this way, she could absorb all the healthy and positive properties of both oils, without feeling almost any psychological effects. This technique is perfect for the lung cancer since it doesn’t affect badly on the lungs.

Eventually, Sharon’s tumor had shrunk from 5 cm to 2.1 cm, and fluid surrounding her heart was gone.

After just 7 months of cannabis oil treatment, this woman’s scan showed that she was cancer-free, shocking positively all around her. How, after the time has passed, Kelly is still cancer free and she credits the use of cannabis oil for this miraculous recovery.

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