Counter the Bad Things Sitting Brings With a Short Walk

No matter how long you sit, a light walk is all you need!

Counter the Bad Things Sitting Brings With a Short Walk

Even though there is a lot of evidence that sitting for a long period of time can and will do harm for you, many people wonder how to respond, and potentially avoid those harms. Some choose exercises as simple as standing up, while some who think standing isn’t good enough go for jogs and jumping jacks. Luckily, there is a recently finished study that suggest moving in any way (whether it be walking or jogging) can reduce the harms that sitting for too long can bring.

As dangerous as sitting is (considering how it increases the risk of diabetes, obesity and other health issues), its risks won’t disappear if you spend your rest period during the workout doing nothing other than sitting. But still, even if you get increasing chances of diabetes, sitting is just not something you can ban; mostly because it is not practical. Many people who have tried standing for a longer period of time have discovered that it can also do harm – most of which is lower back pain.

So what can you do throughout your day to reduce the time spent sitting?

The study focused on everyday activities in order to find the best method that could counter the flaws of sitting. Simply put, the researchers wanted to see whether standing, walking or jogging is the best choice for extending everyone’s lifespans. And the results were unexpected; standing itself has almost no effect, jogging alone is not great, but if you combine walking with jogging at a medium intensity, you got a perfect match. That way, the risks of premature deaths can be lowered by up to 40 percent! When you look at it, the reason is simple: strolling can increase the number of calories you’ll burn, which leads to weight loss and other changes to your metabolism.

So get up and start walking and jogging! If you can’t find more than two minutes of activity per every hour of sitting, make those 120 seconds count!

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