Chinese Hat – Scutellaria baicalensis: Plant that Stops the Metastases

For good results, it is necessary to take from 150 to 200 mg balkalein.

Chinese Hat – Scutellaria baicalensis: Plant that Stops the Metastases

A lot of people don’t know this, but Chinese hat plant is one of the most popular plants in Chinese medicine and it has many healthy properties.

Due to its anti-cancer effects and other health benefits of this herb in Asia integral part of many combinations of herbal products used in the treatment of cancer.

The main ingredient of this plant is flavonoid called Baikalein that has many healthy properties. The experimental research has shown that after treating prostate cancer cells injected baikalein these cells showed no metastatic activity.

This evidence suggests that the presence of baikalein can prevent metastasis of various breast cancer cell lines in other tissues. The primary mechanism of this reaction is the inhibition of lipoxygenase. The inhibition of proliferation of cancer cells also increases apoptosis and provides a better opportunity immune cells to destroy tumor cells.

In the studies that have been performed at the University of California at San Francisco, the vegetable combination with Chinese cap containing baikalein is given orally to people who have metastatic prostate cancer.

Successful completion of the examination is a proven reversible process and the stabilization of their condition with a great improvement, improving the quality of life. Positive results have been shown in nearly all patients.

After treatment within 57 weeks all patients with androgenous dependent cancers showed a decrease of 80% and more of their PSA, and even in 81% of cases it could not be detected. In 31 of 32 patients, testosterone is reduced as in people who are castrated.

Nine people with elevated phosphatase (a marker of cancer progression), a fall of 50%. In patients in whom the cancer has spread to the bones, a person has experienced a complete disappearance of cancerous bone lesions, while the other showed improvement. One person showed the complete disappearance of cancer mass, it was confirmed by CT scan.

In addition, tests were performed on other forms of cancer of the stomach, pancreas, liver and breast cancer in which this plant also showed excellent anti-cancer effects.

The old records of Chinese traditional doctor this product is back centuries used to treat leukemia and hepatoma cancer.

Chinese cap Scutellaria baicalensis also has extremely strong antiviral activity as demonstrated by inhibition of HIV-1 integrase, an enzyme that is essential for maintenance of the HIV virus. Baikalein also inhibits hypersensitive activity that occurs in asthma and dermatitis.

For good results, it is necessary to take from 150 to 200 mg balkalein.

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