Change Color of Our Eyes With Raw Food Diet

According to some studies, raw food diets can help in making your eyes look clearer and, these diets can even change eye color.

Change Color of Our Eyes With Raw Food Diet

Eyes are not just a window to our soul, they can also show how our internal health is. Iridology is an alternative health discipline that says our eyes are an indicator of our internal well-being and balance, so we should listen to them.

According to some studies, raw food diet can help in making your eyes look clearer and, these diets can even change eye color. Besides that, these diets can help you clear headaches, allergies, and even improve your immune system and memory. There are even some proofs that cooking can make your food toxic.

What is Iridology?

If you are wondering what is Iridology, I will tell you. This is an alternative type of medicine that can show how healthy you are just at the look of your eyes. Eye color is a genetic trait, and it cannot be predicted. The colored component of the eye is the iris and it is determined by the pigment “melanin”. As we grow, eye color can change, but some people don’t know that eyes are subjected to a great color change.

The color of our eyes is actually determined by a set of genes. Set of three genes to be precise. Two of those three are a big part of genetics, but the third one is much more complex. One more interesting thing is that every iris is individual and no two people have the same pattern of it.

What is the Impact of Raw Food Diet on Eyes?

When you eat this kind of diet, your body is eliminating toxins from your body, so it also makes change in the concentration of pigment in the eyes. That has a result of changing of the vision, as well as the eye color.

This change is still researched, and more studies are yet to come. The best proof of this change is Fully Raw Kristina. She has a video where she explains how her eyes went from brown to blue-green while she ate a raw vegan diet. This video has more than 2 million views. In the end, she went to an iridologist, and he explained to her that every part in our body is reflected in our eyes. We can see all the problems in our eyes.

In the video, you can see Kristina’s photos when she was young and had dark brown eyes, but now, after eight years, her eyes are turning blue. Amazing, right?

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