Chaga Can Help Prevent Cancer (Recipe) – The Superfood You Must Know About

The chaga conk grows in cooperation with the birch tree over a seven to twenty year period, absorbing life-sustaining nutrients from the tree.

Chaga Can Help Prevent Cancer (Recipe) – The Superfood You Must Know About

This little-known, anti-aging superfood could aid protect against cancer, reduced bad cholesterol, support the body immune system, and far more!

Chaga, or else knowns as Inontus Obliquuus, is a wild mushroom that expands on birch trees in incredibly cool regions. Chaga can be found in the Baltic regions, Scandinavia, Siberia, Alaska, as well as northern Canada where temperatures drop bellow -30 F for over 2 to 3 months annually.

The chaga conk grows together with the birch tree over a seven to twenty year duration, absorbing vital nutrients from the tree. This medicinal mushroom’s DNA framework is 30 % even more human than it is plant.

Chaga has been utilized medicinally for centuries. The Inuit never made use of chaga and had an average life expectancy of only forty to fifty years whereas people in Siberian tribes who made use of chaga had a life-span of ninety to over one hundred years.

Indigenous Siberians would certainly grind it and also place it in stews, soups, and even daily drinks. The Siberians containeded that, in spite of their harsh environment, the regular usage of chaga stopped the beginning of various degenerative illness. Contemporary Russians have actually containeded that the districts that regularly utilized chaga had no traces of cancer.

Chaga was likewise traditionally utilized by lots of ancient individuals of China, Korea, and even Eastern Europe. In Russia and various other parts of Eastern Europe, it is considered a cancer cells treatment. In Northern Canada it is referred to as a cure for tumors. In Korea, it is used to eliminate tension and regulate power. It is additionally understood for its ability to cure inflammatory skin conditions such as psoriasis and also eczema. In Eastern Europe it is likewise understood for its powers versus bronchitic and also lung illness.

For centuries, people in the East have actually generally eaten chaga in tea. More lately, chaga has actually acquired appeal in the West where massive quantities of health positive aspects are beginning to be identified by numerous health masters.

Health Benefits

Below are only a few of chaga’s health positive aspects.

Assists Body immune system

An abundance of Beta-D-Glucans are discovered in chaga. These assist balance the feedback of the body system’s body immune system. This indicates chaga could aid increase the body immune system when it is necessary, while also having the ability to slow it down when it is overactive. This makes chaga a natural Biological Response Modifier (BRM).

Cancer Fighting

Clinical scientists have visited Siberia to find out about the results of chaga on the aboriginal people of the area. The clinical group found that although there was a lot of speak about cancer cells, not a solitary cancer cells client was confessed to any of the health centers in the region. They additionally containeded that these people were making chaga as opposed to coffee in order to save money. Scientists availabled that these individuals were unintentionally treating themselves for cancer prevention.

Chaga has an extremely high material of super-oxide dismutase (SOD), a crucial enzyme that works as an effective antioxidant. SOD takes place normally in different kinds in human tissues, however levels decrease with age, significantly decreasing after age thirty. Chaga supplies SOD in a kind that can be utilized both topically and also internally. Having actually been researched in regarding 900 different professional tests, the health and wellness benefits of its use are clear. Cancer people undertaking radiation who were given SOD in a form that they could possibly take in had substantially much better survival rates with less toxicity, less scarring, and also better wound recovery.

Chaga likewise triggers immune cells in charge of combating cancer initiation. Research study is ongoing, and also more researches need to be done to figure out chaga’s full part in combating cancer.

Soothing Properties

Chaga is able to assist the integrity of capillary and also could give soothing commercial properties during irritation. This is helpful for individuals that experience pain, neuropathy, and even diabetes mellitus.

Ulcers & Gastritis

Chaga has actually been recognized to treat ulcers and assistance gastrointestinal wellness. A lot of them abscess are caused by microorganisms that can be combated by a well-functioning immune system.

Stabilize High blood pressure and also Cholesterol Levels
The betulinic acid containeded in chaga has the ability to break down LDL cholesterol (bad cholesterol) in the blood stream.


SOD executes vital anti-aging functions by reducing the effects of oxygen free radicals, as well as avoiding oxidative damages to cells, and tissue. Because of this, chaga is very healthy for the skin. It has actually shown to be extremely anti-aging as well as therapeutic for skin conditions.

You can make a face cream with chaga, raw beeswax, and even flavor oils.


What are the propwrties in chaga that make it so healthy?


Chaga consists of structural polysaccharides which give energy, cardiovascular health and wellness, intestinal tract and also liver health, as well as ensure healthy and balanced blood sugar level levels. These can likewise boost your state of mind.


Beta-D-Glucans are recognized for their capability to aid the immune system. They can also help with stabilizing cholesterol degrees and high blood pressure.


Chaga contains numerous phytosterols, 45 % of them being Lanosterol, 25 % of them being Inotodiols and even a ramaining 30 % of them being Egosterol, Fecosterol, as well as several others. In vivo as well as in vitro screening reveals a straight effect of both Lanosterol and Inotodiols on cancer cells, with Lanosterol having a positive impact on viral substances.

Betulin and also Betulinic Acid (Triterpenes).

Betulin and betulinic acid are powerful healing brokers that can support healthy and balanced cholesterol levels. These representatives are additionally being examined for their impacts on cancer cells and even bacterias.


Chaga has substantial amounts of melanin which has high antioxidant degrees. Chaga has the highest degree of antioxidant potency of any sort of superfood.

Where to Find Chaga.

Chaga could just grow wild and even is rather difficult to contained. It grows primarily on birch trees in cold environments throughout the Northern Hemisphere, including northern parts of Europe, Russia, Korea, Canada, as well as the USA.

If you do not live in these northern regions, you could discover chaga mushrooms and also chaga tinctures at neighborhood health food shops or online.

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How you can Make Chaga Tea.

Chaga tea is the most prominent method to take in chaga.

  1. Break the whole chaga right into approximately 10g portions.
  2. Grind one chunk into powder making use of a blender or coffee grinder.
  3. Area one or two teaspoons into a tea infuser.
  4. Area the tea infuser right into a big mug and pour in regarding 400 ml of warm water.
  5. Leave the chaga and even hot water steeping for at the very least 5 minutes (the longer the much better to get even more bioactive active ingredients).
  6. Eliminate the infuser from the mug as well as include syrup or honey for preference.
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