Be Careful: 97% of People with Terminal Cancer Had This Dental Procedure

If you have some kind of degenerative disease, the problem might be because of one specific dental procedure. This procedure is very common and every dentist will say to you that it is safe, but the truth is a bit different.

Be Careful: 97% of People with Terminal Cancer Had This Dental Procedure

About 41,000 of people in the United States alone had this procedure done on them, and that procedure is called the root canal. And more than 25 million root canals are done in the US every year.

What is Root Canal?

Teeth with root canal are actually dead teeth and they can become incubators for toxic anaerobic bacteria. These bacteria can make the way into your blood stream and cause some severe health problems. These problems can occur years later.

Even though the American Dental Association claims root canals are very safe, they cannot back it up with actual researchers. Dr. Tom Stone and Dr. Douglas Cook found a connection between diseases and root-canalled teeth, and they made a base for further researchers.

Dr. Weston Price also deserves a big credit, since he traveled the world to study the teeth. He treated very persistent root canal infections when he became suspicious that root-canalled teeth remained infected, even though they are treated.

Price found out 16 different causative bacterial agents for some of the conditions such as circulatory diseases and heart problems. Dr. Gorge Meinig recognized the importance of Price’s studies, so he wanted to show the truth to the world.

Dr. Meinig published the book called “Root Canal Cover-Up”, which is one of the most comprehensive reference on this topic to this day.

Anatomy of The Teeth

In the middle of every tooth is the pulp chamber, and there are blood vessels and nerves. Around this chamber is the dentin, made out of living cells that secrete a hard mineral substance. The outside layer and the hardest one is the white enamel.

The periodontal ligament descends into your jawbone and holds in place the roots of every tooth. In dental school, dentists are instructed that each tooth has one to four major canals. However, there are accessory canals which are never mentioned. As your body has large blood vessels that branch down into very little capillaries, each of your teeth has a maze of really tiny tubules that, if stretched out, would extend for three miles.

With a root canal, the dentist hollows out the and fills the chamber with a substance, and that cuts the tooth from the blood stream. The bacteria can then hide in the tunnels, safe from antibiotics, hurting our immunity.

The diseases linked with root canals:

  • Kidney disease
  • Heart disease
  • Neurological disease
  • Arthritis, joint and rheumatic diseases
  • Autoimmune disease
  • Cancer

Dr. Robert Jones found a link between root canals and breast cancer, and her claims that he found next correlations in a study of 300 breast cancer causes:

  • 7% of patients had oral pathology
  • 93% of women with this type of cancer had root canals
  • Tumors occurred on the same side of the body as the root canals or other oral pathology. This happened in the majority of cases.

It is strongly recommended not to get a root canal because you are risking your health to preserve just one tooth. If you already did it, then consider having the tooth removed. Just remember, it is your health at risk.

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