Cardio Exercises At Your Home

This below is a do-at-home cardio exercises meant for those days when you just can’t go to the gym, do it every morning and you'll be full of energy.

Cardio Exercises At Your Home

There are ways and workouts as well which you can take to your advantage, do inside your own room, and get the same effect as if you just came back from a gym!

This below is a do-at-home workout meant for those days when you just can’t go to the gym, it’s nothing more than a cardio workout which you can do every morning and you’ll be full of energy and empowered throughout your day.

Warm up before start

The warm-up is the most important part, and the core of your entire workout.

The first exercise is the march walk, which you do for 30 seconds, followed by a jog in place for another 30 seconds.

The third one is the torso twist, rotating the shoulders for 30 seconds. Switch to lateral steps, getting all of your muscles working and warming up the upper body.

Next up are the squats, dropping down as low as possible. That is the end of the warm-up.

Cardio Exercises

The cardio workout part consists of exercises where you do them for 40 seconds, followed by 15 seconds of active resting, which means side-stepping or jogging in place. You should repeat them twice.

The exercises are:

  • Slow burpees
  • Jumping jacks (group 1)
  • Lateral step and reach
  • Ventral jacks (group 2)
  • High knee pause
  • Fly jacks (group 3) – after this, consider taking a water break
  • Bicycle crunches
  • Lunge jacks (group 4)
  • Plank slaps
  • Stutter jacks (group 5)
  • Lateral hops
  • High knee jacks (group 6)
  • Side leg raise + crunch
  • Plank with a rear leg raise (group 7)
  • Toe touch kicks
  • Jumping jacks (group 8)

After these exercises, which should have taken you about 30 minutes to complete, comes the cool down part performed with stretches. The exercises are:

  • Lunging hamstring stretch (20s on each leg)
  • Quadriceps stretch (lean against a wall, 20s for each side)
  • Wall calf stretch (20s for each side)
  • Chest stretch (20 seconds for each side, rotate the shoulders away from the hand)
  • Wide hamstrings stretch (20s)
  • Inner thigh stretch (20s for each side)

This here marks the end of the workout. Relax for a bit and enjoy the rest of your day!

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