Cancer Treatment ‘Natural Protocol’ – Juice therapy

Certain foods and vegetables have traditionally been known to cure the ill effects of cancer

Cancer Treatment ‘Natural Protocol’ – Juice therapy

The use of fruits and vegetables as alternate forms of treatment for most of the diseases is gaining grounds these days and is very important. Certain foods and vegetables have traditionally been known to cure the ill effects of cancer. Therefore, it is thus important to know about the natural protocol using raw Juice therapy. This is very important as it is being increasingly used for treatment of cancer besides many other diseases.

Introduction to the Method

The use of raw food and vegetable juices is a very important method of treatment in Cancer. However it is not and should not be confused as the only form of treatment for cancer. At best it should be viewed as a part of the natural Protocol (e.g. Cesium Chloride, Cellect-Budwig, Photon Protocol, etc.) in treatment of cancer wherein it plays the role of flooding the body with essential nutrients, getting rid of the toxins and giving protection to the non affected cancerous cells.

The use of natural juices and vegetables is a part of Cellect-Budwig protocol and can at best be viewed as a sort of “Cancer diet” or a supplementary natural treatment of cancer.

Vitamin K :  Importance and Caution

Vitamin K is essential to are good health and forms a very important ingredient of our diet but one should be cautious about how much is good enough since it is needed for clotting of blood is what should be careful about knowing how much it is good enough it should never exceed more than 25%-30 % of the diet might even cause harm.

Vitamin K is present in most of the green vegetables and is generally found in large quantities in veggies like Broccoli, cabbage, collard greens, brussel sprouts, cucumber peel (i.e. the skin green scallion, lettuce), endive, mustard greens, turnip green, spinach, and watercress.

On the one hand while food items like onions and garlic are considered to be good for health, on the other hand it is felt that for treatment of cancer they should be the best avoided or used prudently in very small qualities. This is so because primarily they are blood thinners and would not be a good for conditions where cancer or any form of problems with blood is exist. Garlic should be avoided for other reasons like its effect on thinning of blood and similarly too, onions should be eaten in moderation.

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