Can lifting weights prevent diabetes?

Invest into your strength and reduce the chances of getting diabetes!

Can lifting weights prevent diabetes?

In the modern world, diabetes is becoming a more common disease than ever, and a potentially huge threat to every country’s health care economy. But can going to the gym and pumping iron help you and everyone else fight against diabetes? It can be a big part of the answer, and here’s why.

While you are giving your best to get the most reps out of your bench press and killing your legs with a lot of squats and other leg exercises, your own body is also doing a process of building muscle. Obviously, you, and everyone else lifts weights to get some pretty big muscles. But did you know that those big muscles are more likely to prevent getting diabetes and complications that follow it than a body with little muscles? This little known fact is very important because while people age (this applies only to those who are older than 30), they lose about 4 percent of muscle every ten years. So, it’s pretty essential and clear that you simply have to start building up a lot of muscle while you’re still young and have the ability to do that and continue lifting weights as you grow older to just hold on to those hard earned muscles.

By doing that, your body will have more tissues that dispose glucose, making you almost immune to diabetes (of course, this applies only if you eat properly). That intense weight lifting is also great for priming your muscles for better insulin signaling, meaning that you’ll be a lot more efficient at storing glucose. And although the numbers aren’t big, the chances of getting diabetes decrease by up to 12 percent, only if you exercise for at least an hour. So, what are you waiting for? Go lift those weights and fight diabetes! You’ll also lose weight while at it!

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