Can Hot Dogs Cause Cancer?

Who doesn't love hot dogs? With mustard and ketchup, this quick snack is all that we need when we are in a hurry. But, according to some researchers, eating more than 12 hot dogs per months increases the risk of developing some type of cancers for nine times.

Can Hot Dogs Cause Cancer?

So, what is so wrong about hot dogs, and are all those studies true?

There is a relationship between the intake of some kinds of foods and the risk of leukemia in children who have up to 10 years. The children who eat more than 12 hot dogs per months had nine times higher risk of developing childhood leukemia. When it comes to pregnant women, the ones who ate hot dogs during pregnancy are giving their children two times higher risk of developing a brain tumor.

Why Are Hot Dogs Bad for Our Health?

These products have nitrites that are used as preservatives to prevent botulism. But, in a cooking process, these nitrites can combine with amines that are contained in meat and form carcinogenic N-nitroso compounds. And those compounds are very carcinogenic and they are linked to numerous types of cancer.

It is true that these nitrites can also be found in all kinds of green vegetables, but the study proved that veggies are effective in reducing the risk of cancer.

Do All Hot Dogs Cause Cancer?

No, not all of them. It is important to find the ones don’t contain nitrites. The nitrites-free hot dogs have brownish color and same taste like the ones with nitrites.


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