Breakthrough: Reversal of Cancer

This could now lead to many such methods and new treatments and may even help in reverse the growth of cancerous tumors.

Breakthrough: Reversal of Cancer

This is an excerpt of a study as reported in “The telegraph” about scientists who have successfully managed to turn down the growth of human cancer cells and turn them normal; which is a good indication of the success of modern medicine in this field.

This could now lead to many such methods and new treatments and may even help in reverse the growth of cancerous tumors.

For the first time in scientific history, the cells in cancer of lung, breast as well as bladder have been normalized and the body functions have become normal.

As per the scientists at the Mayo Clinic, at Florida, USA it is the analogy that is like applying brakes to a very fast moving vehicle.

As per Prof Panos Anastasiadis, in the Department of Cancer Biology “We all should be able to stop the growth of cancer cells and apply the brakes to restore normal cell functioning,”

He added that, “The Initial experimentation in certain aggressive type of cancers is indeed quite promising. It represented an unexpected new methodology that provides the secret code as well as the software for shutting down cancer.”

Till now however, this method could not be tested in the field and has been restricted to the trials at laboratory. But research community has been very hopeful that it could be a breakthrough technique that would one day lead to the complete eradication of tumors and growth of cancerous cells.

Experiments on certain types of cancers have been very promising and have opened the door to research that would finally help in achieving success in the future in complicated cases too.

We all know the mechanics of how are cells divide in our body and reproduce as they grow. This is essentially to regenerate those cells that are dead and rejuvenate body tissues. However, this process of regeneration and reproduction of cells that may be excessive and more than what is normal is required leads to excessive growth in body parts or tumor which multiplies rapidly as it goes out of control.

The entire process of regulating the growth is governed by micro RNA which is present in our body in our cells. when things are working normally the division takes place multiplication of cells at normal rate but at times due to malfunctioning of micro RNA they release excessive protein called PLEKHA7 which leads to rapid multiplication and further leads to cancer.

“We have now managed to contain this trigger even in the very aggressive human cell-lines in cases of breast and bladder cancer,” said Prof Anastasiadis. As per him, “These cells were already missing right amount of PLEKHA7. Hence, by restoring these PLEKHA7 levels and the levels of micro RNAs in such cells we could turn them back to their benign state. It’s just that we are working now on more efficient delivery options.”

In a nutshell, scientists now realize that if they could somehow control the action of micro RNA it would lead to prevention of protein excessive quantity hence, reversing the growth of cells.

Therefore it boils down to controlling PLEKHA7, the protein produced by the micro RNA. This would thereafter lead to putting the brakes on division of the cancerous cells; which would effectively reverse the process.

Expert scientists in many other countries like Britain say this has opened the door to a new type of treatment and has helped in solving a puzzle that had been battling the scientific community of a long time. This would finally have effect on in treating of cancer and how we manage are cancer patients.

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