The Best Cleansing Salad Ever

Clean your body and prepare for the summer

The Best Cleansing Salad Ever

This is one of the most popular salads. It may not look that exotic, but is it essential for those who wish to clean their bodies and lose weight.

Main ingredients are greens and vegetables, which are packed in super nutrients, minerals and vitamins, fiber, and pectin. Thanks to these nutrients, this salad can cleanse your colon and bowels, which is important if you wish to lose weight.

But, that’s not all: all the ingredients are low in calories, and if you eat this salad instead of a dinner, you might lose extra fat you have on your body.

There are several varieties to this salad; we will give you a classic recipe.

You will need: cabbage, red beet, carrot, parsnip, lemon juice, and oil.

How to prepare it:

Use a grater to cut the vegetables (cabbage, red beet, carrot 3:1:1). Add herbal spices: dill, parsley, celery greens. Press the vegetables with your hands to get a juice from the veggies, and make it softer. Add lemon juice.

If you wish your salad to be spicier, add a clove or two of garlic. Add olive oil or linseed oil.

You do not need to add salt to it, but if you prefer to have a bit saltier salad, you may add soy sauce.


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